Content Production Requirements as of 04/01/2010 - Subject to change at any time.

Shooting content to be compliant with the current 2257 Laws
This is in no way legal advice. The government requires that we provide the name and address of the custodian of the content per shoot. You will be the primary producer of the content you shoot. Even if you do not live in the US you do need to designate a 2257 custodian name and address.

For every model you shoot as the photographer or if you ARE the photographer yourself shooting your own content you need to provide 2 SCANNED color copies of government issued ids with photos (like a drivers license or passport) that has the birth date on it. A social security card may be used as a secondary backup in the event you only have one photo id. DO NOT blur or black out ANY of the information on the ids, otherwise, they are of zero use to us for our record keeping in accordance with the current 2257 laws.

Along with the actual color copy scans, a COMPLETELY CLEAR AND LEGIBLE pictures of the model holding the id flat beside her face are also required. Please do not accidentally cover any part of the ID with your fingers or hair when this shot is taken and if it can not be read easily then it is not usable. Examples for the right and wrong way to do this are in the picture example below. Also the image on the government id must look the the person in the content of course.

Along with the proper identification that needs to be provided only once assuming it is very clear and legible and up to date you must provide a new model release with every set or video created on a different date. Example: Photo Set 1 is shot on a Tuesday of 04/01/2010, this set needs a new model release, dated, with the scene and its location described and it has to be SCANNED large and completely legible. Photo Set 2 was shot on an entirely different date so it would need a NEW model release, dated, with the scene and its location described and it has to be SCANNED large and completely legible.


These are examples and samples only of the proper and  improper ways to do the ID next to face shot that goes along WITH the color photo ID scans.

Why is this the RIGHT way? The ID is not covering part of her face but is by her face, her fingers are NOT covering any info on the ID and it is very clear!

Why is this the WRONG way? The ID is covering half of her face, her fingers are covering some of the information on the ID and the ID is completely unclear.


Just to sum up what we need for the 2257 law requirements, if you submit content to us, you need to give us:
1. 2 clear SCANNED color copies
of government ids with picture and birthday of model along with the clear ID next to face photo.
2. Signed model release for every day of shooting with that shoot days date, location and scene description.
3. 2257 Compliance form (This must be signed by the model and the producer BEFORE shooting begins for every new shoot) This is not a model release its a compliance form. This must be filled out before ANY pictures or video are taken!! If you shoot on multiple days fill out one of these for every day!
4. Address of the custodian (in most cases the photographer) but if you are producing content of yourself then YOU are the custodian.
5. Name of the custodian (in most cases the photographer) or just as above it could be you as well.

WE do not need paper copies! You can keep the original documents. VERY clear SCANS of all these documents are required or we can not use your content.


Common Sense
Please use common sense, if YOU can not read it, how can we? We have no super software that will make blurry images clear, that only exist in movies. If you THINK its not done properly or isn't clear enough then it probably isn't. Thank you.