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Interview with Tony Ward.
A very special Photographer, a unique personality, a great artist.
Tony is known for shooting for penthouse as well as covering
XXX parties like Wasteland in Europe(www.wasteland.nl)and so much more.

DD : Hi Tony, it's an honor to do a story on you and congrats on your new adventures with the Dangerous dolls ! Please give us an introduction on who is the real Tony and what made you start as a photographer ?

Tony Ward : The start for me as a professional began in 1980. I had just finished my graduate studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester New York and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. I was fortunate enough to be hired immediately out of school by the pharmaceutical giant SmithKline corporation, as a staff photographer. I worked for the company from 1980 to 1984. After leaving SmithKline, I opened my own full service photography studio here in Philadelphia where I was born and raised. I've been self employed ever since.

DD : your models are not the regular models you see in fashion magazines. What is your opinion about fashion magazines and the type of models they show the world ?

Tony Ward : The size, weight and height of fashion models traditionally has been dictated by fashion designers who make their creations to fit a particular size, that they feel best represents the clothes that they wish to sell. I have always had an interest in fashion magazines, particularly Harper's Bazaar, French Vogue and W. Fashion photography has long been one of the best outlets for creative photography.

DD : your pictures feature beautiful people and nudity. what do you think is sexy in pictures and what gores too far ?

Tony Ward : Because I am known for my erotic work, I pay careful attention to what the law allows. Sexy is any type of erotic picture that will not ultimately violate any laws that govern the creation of such work. I love the variety of beauty and erotic interests that natures offers all of us.

DD : any tips for models ? the do's and don't ?

Tony Ward : Models...do show up for your sittings on time. ..do read your model release carefully ..do not engage yourself in nude photography if you think you will regret having the nudes taken at a later time. ...don't call the photographer after you have agreed to terms on a particular shoot and later change your mind. ...don't assume the photographer is taking your picture as a hobby ... Do contact photographers whose work you like as he may very well want to take your picture!

DD : Can you tell us more about your feature plans and about your website ?

My website is in transition right now as I am entering a new phase of my career. Please stay tuned for an array of Tony Ward fashion accessories, including men and women's belts, t-shirts and fragrance. All will be available for purchase through tonyward.com.

DD : Last question, We as Dolls think you are a very attractive personality do you have a partner ? (hihi not required but ehhh the reporter wants to know)

Tony Ward : Right now I am very single as I am in the midst of divorce. I am beginning to enjoy this new phase of my life.

DD: Tony, we wish you all the best with your work and in life. We thank you for this interview. MUAHHHHH Dangerous Doll Reporter xoxo