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¤ Sylvia
Birthdate: November 23 1982
Country: United States
Spit or Swallow: totally swallow
Fuck, Marry or Kill: All of the Above
¤ Krysta Kaos
Birthdate: August 5th 1989
Country: United States
Spit or Swallow: Gargle
Fuck, Marry or Kill: Fuck then kill
¤ Missy Mairenea
Birthdate: August 22nd 1990
Country: United states
Spit or Swallow: White Girl Fun!
Fuck, Marry or Kill: Fuck!
¤ Rian Winters
Birthdate: November 12 1985
Country: United States
Spit or Swallow: Swallow Always
Fuck, Marry or Kill: Fuck then kill
¤ PussyKat
Birthdate: December 29, 1987
Country: England
Spit or Swallow: Swallow ;)
Fuck, Marry or Kill: ?
Who are The Dangerous Dolls...?

The Dangerous Dolls aren't your everyday fluffy porn models. These dolls are drop dead beauties with killer attitudes that love to interact with members and take on any new adventure that comes their way!!! Try us out and you will quickly find this isn't your Dad's type of Porn Site!

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Release Date: June 3, 2013
Video Title: Intro
Featuring: The Dangerous Dolls
Running Time: 3m 23s
Last update: June 3, 2013
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Emma J Black
Name: Emma J Black
Doll Since: 09/22/2010
Age: 21
Country: UK
Summer Rush
Name: Summer Rush
Doll Since: 08/15/2010
Age: 27
Country: USA
Name: CellarDoor
Doll Since: 05/07/2010
Age: 26
Country: USA
Rin Ravage
Name: Rin Ravage
Doll Since: 08/05/2010
Age: 26
Country: USA
Dors Feline
Name: Dors Feline
Doll Since: 09/03/2010
Age: 28
Country: UK
Name: PussyKat
Doll Since: 09/20/2010
Age: 25
Country: UK
Name: Kassandra
Doll Since: 09/05/2010
Age: 24
Country: USA
Nana Valtiel
Name: Nana Valtiel
Doll Since: 09/27/2010
Age: 22
Country: USA
Name: Daniela
Doll Since: 09/08/2010
Age: 24
Country: USA
Name: Micah
Doll Since: 09/21/2010
Age: 26
Country: USA
Name: Mimic
Doll Since: 09/13/2010
Age: 22
Country: UK
Name: LucyDoll
Doll Since: 07/27/2010
Age: 31
Country: Ireland
Angel Beau
Name: Angel Beau
Doll Since: 08/01/2010
Age: 30
Country: USA
Deanna Deadly
Name: Deanna Deadly
Doll Since: 08/21/2010
Age: 23
Country: USA
Miss X
Name: Miss X
Doll Since: 09/15/2010
Age: 23
Country: USA
Name: Zexii
Doll Since: 07/30/2010
Age: 22
Country: USA
Loki Winters
Name: Loki Winters
Doll Since: 09/09/2010
Age: 27
Country: UK
Hex Hypoxia
Name: Hex Hypoxia
Doll Since: 06/17/2010
Age: 28
Country: USA
Name: Lavender
Doll Since: 09/30/2010
Age: 24
Country: New Zealand
Name: Demon
Doll Since: 09/20/2010
Age: 24
Country: USA
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